Avoca Beach Pictdure theatre | 4 April 2015 DAVID HELFGOTT AND YANTRA DE WILDER

A wonderful farewell concert last Saturday to Mundaring Weir with a huge audience but David's next perfoirmance is an intimate recital with Yantra de Vilder at the historic Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. This is a unique experience of improvisation and classical repertoire shared so closely with these great artists. Not often is one given the chance of such an incredibly intimate performance in such a charming setting.

Booking details under Tour Schedule

Another intimate chance of sharing is on 12 April in the Helfgott's private home for those in the Bellingen and Coffs Harbour area. Kate Thomson, a brilliant young singer and violinist, will join David for a very personal afternoon performance so hope you will join us for this special recital. Bookings details also under Tour Schedule.

Inauguration into Performing Arts Walk, Melbourne Arts Centre | 23 December 2013

David had the great honour of being selected for the Performing Arts Walk with 17 other Australian performing to have a plaque installed on the walk-way to Hamer Hall in Melbourne. He felt very honoured to have received this recognition of his performances and the words he used for the plaque describing how he approaches performing were


It was a very proud day for him.

Helfgott's finest playing | 16 November 2013


David Helfgott†s performance on Friday 15 November, at the beautiful Concourse Concert Hall was a musical triumph. To the largest audience ever in the venue, his playing electrified those attending and the resulting applause and cheering did justice to the extraordinary performance.
Audience members said they had never experienced such passionate playing and adulation before at a classical concert.

A beautiful concert review from South Africa | 9 October 2013

I just wanted to write and let you know that we were honoured to be a part of the audience at David†s Johannesburg concert. Over the years I have seen many of the worlds â€~greatest†artists â€" but this was simply the most memorable, haunting and hypnotic performance I have ever witnessed. Just one man and a piano. David seems to be able to pull those bottom notes from the centre of the earth â€" and fill the room with a cascade of notes like an endless waterfall… Never before have I seen or heard those pieces played with so much individuality and passion. We were seated in row D â€" so very close, and indeed privileged to see firsthand, this amazing relationship…

I just wanted you to know â€" and to please thank David from us for sharing his unique talent one more time here in South Africa.

Best to you both always,


Honorary Citzenship of Monetcatini Terme Tuscany italy | June 2013

On 21 June David had the great honour and joy of receiving Honorary Citzenship of Montecatini Terme in Tuscany. This beautiful spa town is famous for its association with Puccini and Verdi and now david has his signature in the very historic visitors book with Puccini and Verdi. He also got to play Veri's piano on a previous visit and now feels so much a part of this charming Italian city. He is seen here with the Mayor, and our dear friend Dr Montalbo receiving the honour.

David Helfgott's numerological life tourney | 15 November 2012

Gillian Helfgott has just published a ground-breaking book on numerology with the additional feature of the zero, which is traditonally ignored by numerologists. This system is based on an ancient Chinese method, which was the inspiration for I Ching.

In this method you calculate your birth numbers and put them around a turtle which gives a fascinating image of how the numbers are energized and their meanings.

In part two of the book she traces David Helfgott's extraordinary life journey via his numbers, and also has many case studies.

In the words of Professor Burger "The study of numbers is a beautiful one that has captured human-kind's imagination throughout the ages. it continues to inspire us to explore its enless frontiers."

The book is available on and or signed copies by writing to The web site which will be activie by mid December This site will give you the ability to take out subscription and the computer will calcuate your turtles and draw them beautifully.

Documentary and DVD and CD | 30 August 2012

During April and May David gave performances of his beloved Rachmaninov Third Piano Concert in Europe and these were filmed for a DVD and CD which will be available in a few months time. Also a documentary of this tour was made and will screen in Europe on the Arte channel next year.
It was a very exciting time of us both and we look forward to the release of these recordings and film.

We are not planning to return to Europe in 2013 as the Australian touring schedule is very busy, but we will be in South Africa in September and also Zimbabwe again. We are very happy to be returning to these countries.

The next European tour is organised for May 2014 and at the moment we do not have any plans for either the UK or USA due to lack of time, but hope to return to both countries sometime in the future.

David's mother died recently. She was a very gentle soul and will be sadly missed. She was 92 years old.