Tour Schedule
28 May 2014 | Vienna Concert Hall - Mozart salle
Helfgott will perform aprogramme of Chopin and Liszt
4 June 2014 | Landestheater Linz

Helfgott will perform a recital of Chopin and Liszt
8 August 2014 | Healesville Victoria
Information re this recital will be available middle January.
9th and 10th August 2014 | Montrose, Victoria
Details of these two recitals will be available mid January.
September | Tour of China

16 August 2014 | Sydney Opera House Concert Hall 2 pm
Details available mid April on this site
4 October 2014 7.30 pm | Music by the Sea at Sandgate Town Hall Queensland
Booking information:
or telephone Dominic 0450078200